• Early Finishers in the Middle Years

    One thing that has always been a challenge for me in my teaching is the dreaded question, “What do I do now?” We all know that kids work at different ...

Multiplication Strategies – The Box Method

In making the move to Grade 3/4 a whole new world of curriculum landed in my lap. Since I had never taught double and triple digit multiplication before, I naturally began to teach my students how to do it in exactly the way that I learned how. There is definitely nothing wrong with the algorithm […]

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Heads Up Seven Up and Simple Addition Sentences

I was just playing another round of “Heads Up, Seven Up” with my class before Christmas and realized that I have not written about how I love to use this game when teaching math. This little gem came to me when I was teaching Kindergarten/Prep. I always start the day with a morning meeting. We […]

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Death by Powerpoint

This past year I had a goal of helping my students to become more functional on computers. Technology is always complicated, as it is ever changing. Sometimes it seems unnecessary to teach kids how to use a specific program.  However, I was consistently finding that, regardless of the software, my students needed to learn that […]

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