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Reading Strategies Anchor Chart

Each year I teach my kindergartners a handful of reading strategies to help them figure out unknown words.  We usually co-create an anchor chart, and review, model, and practice the strategies over time. This year is no different, except that I have decided to add a piece.  I made a mini-anchor chart for my students […]

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Pattern Frames!

I used to think that bulletin boards would be one of those really fun and exciting parts of teaching.  Well, it turns out that I am a teacher who tries her hardest to come up with a few bulletin boards that can stand the test of time (at least half of the school year, if […]

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Writing with Checklists

I have to say that working with checklists in student writing has been a game changer for me in kindergarten.  Once I began developing and using checklists with my students, writing workshop has not been the same since. Here is the premise:  Young children struggle to revise their work.  They write something, they love it, […]

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