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Mindfulness, meditation, and “enjoying the moment” seem to be catch phrases at the moment. Colouring books are wildly popular, all the celebrities meditate daily, and mindfulness is part of everyday conversations. And in this instance, I think the hype is right. You see, I realized not long ago how fast and busy my classroom was.  […]

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What Do I Want Them To Walk Away With?

Standardized tests. They look at reading skills, comprehension, and the ability to put thoughts into words. They measure how well students’ take math equations and formulas and apply them to the world. They look at students’ abilities to fill in bubbles and read screens, as well as how well they can synthesize information and make […]

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Perceptual Motor Skills

I am now in full swing at my new school, and I am learning so much! While the values and goals of student education are very much the same, at the core, as my last position, there are many differences in day to day life.  One program that I wanted to share about is our […]

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