Great Book for Teaching About Small Moments


I bought this book, Looking Down by Steve Jenkins, years ago when I was student teaching.  It was part of our “map” studies, and was great for that.  I just pulled it out at the end of the year this year when we were working on our classroom maps, and I discovered new potential!  This is a fantastic book for teaching kids how to zoom in on small moments.

When I begin to teach my students the difference between a personal narrative and a small moment, I explain that a narrative is a big story, and a small moment is when you zoom in on one interesting part.  This book is wordless, and very clearly depicts this “zooming in.”

Beginning with a view from outer space, each page brings you closer in to a story.  You begin to see more and more details, and at the end you see how the author zoomed in on one tiny thing – a discovery of a ladybug in the garden.










I love the simplicity of the book, as well as its wordlessness (if that is even a word.)  Next year I plan to pull this book out sooner!  Do you have any great book recommendations for writing mentor texts?  Please share!

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