HUGE Gift For Teachers!

I am so excited to announce that this year’s edition of the Winter Holidays Teaching Tips and Freebies is available!  This is a collaborative effort from over 100 teachers who have put together pages and pages of FREE ideas and FREE products to share.  The books were split because there were so many people who wanted to contribute, so if you teach Pre-K through 2, they will both have something to offer.

My candy cane letter parts product is included for free in the Pre-K to K packet.  I print, laminate, and cut these letter parts out.  Then students use them to build letters, words, sentences, and numbers.  It really encourages them to notice the features of each letter and concentrate on how they are formed, and they love the candy cane look!   Here is a sneak peek of my freebie:

So, click on the links, download, and enjoy the freebies coming your way.  Happy holidays!

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