Star Names!

I can’t take credit for this one.  I got this idea from Fountas and Pinnell’s Kindergarten Phonics book, and I LOVE it!  It is one that I truly look forward to every year.

Prep for this activity is simple.  Get some large construction paper and write each child’s name in medium sized letters.  (I tried to do this on sentence strips once and it was way too small.  You really need there to be a little bit more space, so filling construction paper works well.)  I then cut the name strip off so that each child will get a piece of paper with their name pre-written.

I then model placing stars on the lines using my own name.  We use traditional foil stars.  You want to challenge the kids to place the stars in the same manner as if they were writing (following the handwriting pattern).  Then watch what happens!  I love how creative they get with choosing how to turn their name into stars.  MANY kids choose to make patterns with their stars, so you get to double dip with some math patterning practice.  This is also fantastic fine motor practice, as they have to peel and place each sticker.

Once they are finished, we put their names up on a bulletin board to show off our sparkling names!


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