Where Kindergarten Gets A Different Look

Welcome to TeachingAce!  This is a place where I aim to share my thoughts and ideas as a teacher.  There is nothing more valuable than conversation amongst teachers to improve our practice, so please join in.

I am a kindergarten teacher, a wife, and a mom to an adorable almost three year old daughter.  I am trying to find the balance between all the things I want to do to fill all these roles, and still have a moment to breathe!

This site is also designed to give you access to download and purchase useful and practical products to use in your classroom.  As an educator, I am committed to providing students and teachers with relevant and useful instructional materials and activities that allow them to be creative and purposeful.  All of the products I share are things I use and do in my own classroom!

These products are also designed with a “real” look.  I use real images, rather than lots of clip art.  Children respond well to and seek information about the real world around them, so I have created products that use these types of images in my teaching.  Rubrics, reference charts, and curriculum documents are all designed with a fresh, real life look.

I have also created a collection of products designed specifically for MAC computer users with Pages software.  I spent lots of time developing documents that I can quickly drop images into and reuse from year to year.  You will find everything from reading certificates to “just right” books.  It is so easy for me to update and personalize everything for each group of children, and you can benefit from that too!

I am excited to share ideas that have been so successful with my students, and to continue to create things that will make a difference to students and teachers alike!

image source – http://www.flickr.com/photos/41294391@N02/3892916536

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