Measuring Our Bodies

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We are studying measurement this term. My students have loved exploring different types of measurements, include length, mass, volume, and area. We have done lots of exploration with non-standard measurements using objects such as cubes. This week we moved on to using standard measurements.

I began this lesson by asking the kids to tell me what tools we might use to measure length. Happily, they were able to name both rulers and tape measures. I then explained that they would be using these tools to measure body parts on a partner.

I modeled the whole process first. I demonstrated how they would choose an appropriate tool (tape measure for parts that required them to measure around something or for longer body parts, a ruler for the rest.) We practiced using these tools together as a group. It was important to be sure that the kids knew how to line up objects carefully, which side of the ruler to look at, and how to read the results. I also showed them how to record their measurements on our data collection sheet.


Once I felt confident that the kids understood how to use rulers and tape measures, I paired them up. Each child was responsible for measuring their partner and recording their partner’s measurements. With those simple instructions, I set them loose!

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My students absolutely loved this activity. They worked so well together, were incredibly focused, and had some wonderful practice measuring. By using their own bodies, they were immediately hooked!

If you would like to do this lesson with your kids, grab it for free!

Measuring Our Bodies Data Collection Sheet

How do you teach measurement in your classroom?

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